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Rare Palmer Carbine

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This exceedingly rare Palmer Carbine was made by E.G. Lamson & Co. It is one of roughly 1,000 carbines built for the U.S. military in 1865; making it one of the period's absolute rarest carbines.

These unique carbines had the distinction of being America's first modern bolt action rifle - A small bolt at the rear of the barrel unlocks and exposed the breech; into a single .56-56 Spencer cartridge could be loaded. 

This particular carbine is in great shape. It is all complete and original. 

It features a very nice stock with no major cracks or splits. 

The lock holds solid on both full and half cock; and the lock plate markings are faint, but legible. 

The barrel is full length and the bolt opens and closes freely. 

This exceedingly rare carbine is sure to be the pride of anyone's collection. 

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