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Original M1855 Harper's Ferry Rifle

Your Price: $2,900.00
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Here's a fantastic, rare "Second Model" M1855 Harper's Ferry Rifle. This rifle is a great example of one of the Harper's Ferry Arsenal's most sought after weapons. This particular example is all correct and has been traditionally referred to by collectors as a "Second Model" between the all brass mounted "First Model" and the Iron Mounted "Third Model". This beautiful musket has had some restoration work performed on it - the barrel has been relined by Bob Hoyt, the striking face of the hammer has been welded and repaired and both the bayonet lug and front sight are reproductions. 

Still this restoration work has been expertly matched to the rest of the gun; which leaves us with a beautiful, all correct '55 rifle for literally a fraction of the cost of what an untouched all original example would bring.

The stock is full length and in excellent condition. All the edges are sharp and crisp, which suggests that this piece has been very well taken care of. 

The lock markings are crisp and legible. The hammer holds solid on both full and half cock, and the Maynard Tape Primer components are intact and legible. 

The barrel is in good shape. It is full length and the rear sight is intact and unmodified. The bore is excellent with no rust or pitting and beautifully sharp rifling.

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